Another Tragedy as a Result of International Adoption

Three year old Maxim Kuzmin, American name – Max Shatto, died on 21 January 2013. The US adoptive mother of Russian-born boy Laura Shatto told deputies that the two boys had been playing outside together before she left the house and found Max on the ground, according to Texas officials.

These adoptive parents paid a huge bribe in Russia to steal the boys from their mother and grandmother – against every existing law – and took the boys away. They fed Maxim, a little boy with a congenital heart defect, a dangerous psychotropic drug called Risperdal. I guess they wanted to have a convenient little toy for their money.

Now the kid is dead but these criminals keep his little brother, Kirill, whom they hate so much that they have changed his birth name to Kristopher. Please remember that the animal who murdered little Dima Yakovlev by leaving him to cook in a closed vehicle for 9 hours in a scorching heat had stolen his name too and had renamed him Chase Harrison. These people purchase kids, as if they were puppies, and think they can just kill them off whenever they feel bored with them.

Who wants to bet that these vicious creatures will not suffer any punishment for the murder and will get to keep the murdered child’s little brother?

Before you express an opinion, however, remember that the man who killed Dima Yakovlev was acquitted and is now free to buy more kids to kill.

26 thoughts on “Another Tragedy as a Result of International Adoption

    1. And I haven’t even started talking about kids who have been shipped by the hundred for the purposes of sexual slavery and for the sale of their organs under the guise of international adoptions. Thousands of children were bought and then all traces of them disappeared.


  1. I read up on that drug, which it would seem would stop you from experiencing very much — no emotional highs, no emotional stimulation, no adrenal stimulation. So, basically flat.


        1. I’m sure they would do it. They probably have something in the back of their mind that they are cleansing, purifying and making him more fit for The One True form of civilization, by removing his emotions.

          Children typically have a thinner wall between the imagination and everyday reality. That is how it is supposed to be. Their characters are still plastic and this allows them to adapt, whilst buffering them from the rigid aspects of everyday life. To grow up without having to come to terms with one’s environment, because one’s emotions have been taken away from you, is truly horrible — a kind of living death, I would assume.


            1. Serotonin seems to relate to feeling high and dopamine is related to the imagination. So schizophrenics are too easily provoked by their imaginations and the idea of drugging them is to shut off the gateways that cause them to dream whilst they are awake.

              I have been reading a bit more recently about the pineal gland in the brain, and how according to some theorists who are associated with shamanism and certain occult tendencies, this is the “third eye”. Actually, it produces chemicals that enable one to dream. Some consider that capacity to open the third eye to be a way into the spirit world, but I believe they are necessarily speaking metaphorically — that is to say, in my view.


              1. All of these diagnoses and medications have not yet cured a single mental patient. But the diagnoses bring in huge profits, so why not?

                Immature people choose a pill’s promise of happiness – which is nothing but a zombified stupor – to avoid actually existing. Life terrifies them. The death drive takes over.


              2. It’s an interesting question and I don’t think there are any straightforward, i.e, mechanical answers, although perhaps I should read your dissertation some day. I chose to grow because I had to– I had just enough discomfort for an incentive not to leave things as they are, along with enough sense that life was basically good to be reassured that if I tried to change, I would surely succeed. But perhaps some people don’t have the right balance. I think if things have been too easy, they won’t change, but also if things have been too difficult, it can be too traumatic to try to change anything.


  2. People, in general hate “the other” and they should in no way try to kid themselves that this is not the case, that they are not, at least suspicious of otherness.


  3. Well, there is a reason why Russia’s government passed a law forbidding international adoption. The Chinese also have restrictions governing international adoption even though they have not banned it entirely.


  4. After reading that first sentence of the quote I stopped dead in my tracks for a second. “They changed the name from maxim to max?”, I thought, “Maxim doesn’t sound super foreign, why did they have to change it?!”. But then again it probably isn’t about how ‘MERICAN the name sounds, but about wanting control over that child like a puppeteer or something.


    1. “But then again it probably isn’t about how ‘MERICAN the name sounds, but about wanting control over that child like a puppeteer or something.”

      – Exactly! Horrible, nasty people.


  5. Russia is a country where, for one reason or another – mostly alcohol I suspect – many parents will not or cannot take care of their children. Because of alcohol many chidren are born with severe birth defects.With life expectancies at birth for Russian males hovering at 60 years, it is clear the toll alcohol, nicotine and obesity is taking on that society. All male children borne in Russia and staying in Russia confront that average life expectancy. Surely their life expectancies on average rise dramatically once they reach the US.

    Other than a complete ban on international adoptions from Russia there is no way to prevent some bad transfers being confirmed by Russian bureaucrats. Their system is riddled with corruption and a few dollars will sway judgments.

    In my opinion many Russian children are provided with much better lives when they are adopted by americans. My suggestion is that regulations be enforced in America. No Russian child with a serious birth defect should be allowed into the country for adoptees. That will cut out probably 30 per cent of the adoptions.


    1. “Other than a complete ban on international adoptions from Russia there is no way to prevent some bad transfers being confirmed by Russian bureaucrats. Their system is riddled with corruption and a few dollars will sway judgments.”

      – A complete ban is precisely what should happen, for this very reason.


  6. I do not know enough to comment intelligently about how things work in Russia, but I do know two girls and a boy who were adopted by two different families who are both deeply loved and very well cared for by adopting American families, the boy, who has a number of health issues due to fetal alcohol has had care lavished on him that should give his birth mother to blush.

    All three sat and “rotted” in horrid Russian orphanages for months… I’ve seen the pictures from whence they came. I’d be ashamed if I treated my dogs like those kids were as given-up orphans.


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