Kind Husband

The only student who thinks there is something wrong with the actions of a husband who, in a fit of rage, tears an ear-ring out of his wife’s ear with such force that he rips her ear-lobe apart is a male student from France. Everybody else believes this character is a loving, kind husband.

21 thoughts on “Kind Husband

  1. Well, he’s giving her his attention isn’t he? Seriously, that kind of response, which I have also encountered from people from all sides of the political spectrum, is one of the main reasons I know we live in a patriarchy.


        1. “possession masking itself as “love” IS the basic patriarchal trope.”

          – This is what I’m trying to make them understand. We read a story where parents drive their son to an early grave making him work to keep them. Three of the students said that, “Of course, the parents wanted what’s best for their son because that’s what all parents want. . .”

          It’s like they speak in set phrases that they don’t even try to think over.


            1. Today we heard the news that the state is considering destroying several Humanities departments at our university. Given that Humanities courses are the only place where students have a chance of hearing anybody question this way of thinking, I don’t find it surprising that we get targeted.


              1. People are literally becoming insane. Perhaps it was always so…the constant lurch of humanity toward insanity.

                It’s time to pat myself on the back for squeezing the most from the humanities, I think. I’ve got mine, and screw the rest of you. That’s the common view, nowadays, isn’t it?


      1. Well I’ve heard of the Latin American culture of machismo, but have never been to Latin America so don’t have first-hand knowledge of it. But I find it scary that such attitudes are found among literature students. A drunken yobbo who can’t hpold down a job, perhaps, but you are dealing with educated people.


      1. Oh… I use Pardo Bazán’s Las medias rojas in my class and of course all of my students sympathize with the young girl victim of patriarchy. I shoudl read La perla rosa and use it in class to see whether my students’ reaction is similar than yours.


      2. This is such a good short story. Well… your student trusted the narrator and felt that they could not question him. Perhaps their reaction would have been different if it had been narrated by the woman, or by an omniscient narrator.


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