Divorced Parents

So I’m reading a novel titled A Half Forgotten Song by a British author. In the very first pages of the novel,  a divorced woman decides to move to the US to be with her new husband. She takes her 6-year-old daughter with her even though the girl’s father strenuously objects. I find this very confusing because in my country a divorced parent cannot take a child to another country for a 3-day-long trip, let alone to live permanently, without a signed permission from the other parent. Which, of course, is the only civilized way of handling such issues.

My question is: does this issue really work this way in English-speaking countries? OK, the US hasn’t signed the Declaration of the Rights of Children. Kids are considered furniture that can be moved around as much as the owner sees fit. But what about other countries? Is this legal or is the writer I’m reading simply trying to create hype where none is necessary?

10 thoughts on “Divorced Parents

  1. In the US a lot will depend on the nature of the divorce decree. If one parent is deemed so unsuitable as to lose all rights to see the child, then presumably the other parent is free to move, no doubt leaving an address behind.

    In any event, the parent with primary custody may be able to move with the permission of the court. It is far from clear that this is always a negative situation, especially when a man impregnates a woman and then refuses to marry her, and moves around in order to avoid paying child-care.. There are many such worthless bums around. And I do not see why they should tie a single mother down.


    1. @charles

      Just so you know, I could point you in the direction of a few worthless parents of the female gender. I think you may want to check your bias before you make such one sided remarks.


  2. In the UK taking a child overseas without the permission of the other parent is considered as abduction even if that parent has primary custody. Either permission has to be obtained from the other parent, or it has to go to court.


  3. Of course there are many worthless female parents. However, history suggests that when children are born out of wedlock, and one parent scarpers it is the mother who is left with to take care of them. That is why I focused on worthless men.


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