The Magic Pill

“You now come to see me every few days,” the pharmacist says. “And before this year, you’d only ever come here to get you contraceptive pill. What happened to you?”

“I stopped taking my contraceptive pill,” I explain.

Coming Back to the Workplace

In a two-year field experiment, researchers found that self-employed individuals who sought company jobs scored significantly fewer interviews than peers who were employed by companies.

I’ve worked with people who were self-employed and then gotten corporate jobs. They are far, far less likely to just take corporate bullshit handed to them on a platter and pretend it’s filet mignon. That’s why corporations don’t want them – they are no longer fully zombies.

No, the real reason is that people who have been away from a regular workplace for over 6 months find it extremely hard to reintegrate themselves into an environment where they have to work with colleagues, be part of a group, control their moods, etc. They work more slowly and less effectively, they are more likely to have emotional outbursts in front of colleagues, they get distracted more easily, they get tired very fast.

I’m going to be working at home because of my maternity leave until January and I know I will have to take measures to reintegrate myself into the workplace after all that time. I’m really good at working at home but after the year I was writing my dissertation and not teaching, I had such intense difficulties with reintegrating myself into the work I love that I thought I was losing my mind. There was weight gain, depression, nightmares, etc. And nobody had warned me I would encounter these difficulties.

So let’s all keep in mind that coming back to the workplace after an absence of over 6 months requires intense psychological hygiene.

But you can’t be autistic… you’re such a good teacher!

There is, however, a ray of blogging sunshine among all the poorly written posts I have shared with you. Do read the enlightening and intelligent post:

But you can’t be autistic… you’re such a good teacher!.

I could have written this post word-for-word because it reflects my own experience completely.

Stupid Things People Say

My PUPPS treatment is not working, and it’s the second treatment that has failed to work. We have finally found a doctor who has seen PUPPS before but he is saying he has never encountered a case nearly as bad as mine. So obviously I’m in a vile mood, and a plethora of idiotic posts that have suddenly invaded my blogroll is not helping. Let me share the pain of everybody’s stupidity with you.


Case Study 1. When Pseudo-Feminist Discourse Reveals a Sad Personal Life

The normally not completely stupid Echidne has decided to transform into a chirpy air-head for a while with the following: “All the arguments for a bald vulva seem to me to equally apply to men’s pubic hair. The skin would be softer, the experience of intercourse would be more powerful, with less hairy padding, and so on. But do women shame men into shaving down there?” Leaving aside the childish language of shaming (and when are people going to get through their thick skulls that nobody can shame anybody into anything?), Echidne should stop undressing yokels who live in caves and meet some civilized men. Then she will discover that people who care about hygiene control the “hairy padding” irrespective of their gender. It’s always very cute when people try to pontificate about gender and end up revealing the limitations of their personal experience.


Case Study 2. A Silly Momma’s Boy Demonstrates How Pathetic Toronto Academia Has Become

This silly little twerp with zero brains and non-existent writing skills has been entertaining me for years. He is so proud of getting hits on his stupid blog and doesn’t realize that people only read him because he is the most stupid blogger in the world. See this, for instance: “The dogmatic assumption that the Bolsheviks simply seized power in 1917 due to one magical moment of insurrection has caused serious problems for the theory of revolutionary strategy.  Here, then, is a simplistic formula resulting from this dogma: a party just needs to be a tiny organization that agitates for revolution, waits for the time to be “right”, and then conveniently appears to take the reigns of the popular uprising it agitated for––a cabal of militants accepted by the masses who have finally learned the truth.” See how the loser is talking to voices in his small, empty head? You have got to love these over-fed Momma’s boys who entertain themselves with fantasies of revolutions.


Case Study 3. The Queen of Poor Writing Makes the Murder of Trayvon Martin Sound Ridiculous

This crime was an act of terrorism. The verdict was an act of terrorism. People are terrified because of it.She seems to be completely serious about it. I have read many stupid excretions written by losers who want to milk Martin’s tragedy for blog hits but this one is just the best. Whatever makes you terrified, is an act of terrorism, got it? I’m terrified of dogs (I am, and it’s not funny, I have a serious phobia), so the neighboring kid who keeps letting his ugly pooch run around unleashed should have Homeland Security on his case right now.


Case Study 4. A Pompous Fool Justifies the Zimmerman Verdict.

Six people who spent every day for a month intensely studying the evidence probably have a better chance of getting the right answer to the first question than I do.” Anybody has a better chance of getting the right answer to any question than this meathead (seriously, I’ve been reading him for a while) but that’s only because he is even more stupid than the brainless fools on that jury.


Stop reading the blogroll, you’ll say. Yes, I would if I had energy for anything else at this point.