The Perfect Vagina Media

I need to start a collection of all the insanely weird things that victimize people. See this example, for instance:

Women have been manipulated by the media to believe in a mythical “perfect vagina.”

I’m not only a woman but also not a very young one, yet in all the long years of my protracted existence I have not been able to locate any medium where “perfect vaginas” are mentioned even accidentally, let alone to the extent where I’d feel manipulated by the “perfect vagina” discourse. Is there a radio station, a TV channel, a website where show hosts and commentators go “Perfect vaginas! Perfect vaginas! Have you gotten your already? Get three for the price of one now!”

The funniest thing is that just this morning I read 2 posts in a row that discussed how menstruation was supposedly a huge taboo in American society and how it is never mentioned not only on TV but also among close friends. Now I’m discovering that there are actually different media that do nothing but talk about vaginas. These messages only appear contradictory. In reality, they are driven by the same conviction that women are always passive victims of everything, including their vaginas.

RSS Woes Continue

If somebody had told me that The Old Reader is run by Russians, I would have never subscribed to it. Trust it to the Russians to get bored with a project just when it’s about to start bringing in money and requiring hard work.

Now The Old Reader is scheduled to die within two weeks, and I need a new place to move my blogroll. Is there anything but the hateful Feedly?

Is there a reason why nobody is creating a website for reading RSS feeds? It’s obvious that the demand is huge and there is a lot of money to be made from the project. Why is nobody jumping on the opportunity? Here is a ready-made pool of hundreds of thousands of users in the first week and tens of thousands in each subsequent day, but nobody wants these users. What is up with that? Websites are going out of their way to entice at least a few thousand to visit them, yet here is an opportunity going to waste.

The whole thing is completely bizarre. First, Google Reader goes out of business for no discernible reason. No The Old Reader throws potential profits out of the window and regales the users with some touchy-feely blabber about the psychological issues of its creators. Like we haven’t clocked on to their issues after seeing the endless pictures of kittens they have been posting on the website for days.

How is a person supposed to blog without a reliable RSS reader?

Meditation Versus Medication

An extreme form of PUPPPS (a pregnancy related rash) causes the kind of discomfort I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It’s really bad, people.

I found two methods that alleviate the condition. One is meditation and another one is medication. Meditation requires a lot of time and effort. Medication requires none but it turns you into a zombie. The doctor told me to take 4 pills a day. I tried one, and it knocked me out for 2 days. The medication works miracles for this condition. If I were to take it 4 times a day as indicated, I’d be completely cured already. The only downside is that there would be no me any longer. I have no idea what makes people agree to hand over their personalities to drugs at every opportunity. Maybe actually having a personality is too heavy a burden.

Existential Queries

Why do doctors love to cover the walls of the rooms where patients are left waiting with pictures of diseased organs?

Why does the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks require a release of imprisoned terrorists?

Why do all symptoms of all health problems appear to torture one at night? Is it something about darkness that brings them out?

Why can’t I find any good music now that I have a device to listen to it?

Why does every single person in my street except my autistic neighbor have a dog?

Why are there so many horrible train crashes these days?

Why does The Old Reader never function?