The story takes place at the office of an American doctor.

“So let’s talk about your cardiovascular risks. Do you smoke?”

“Yes, I’ve been a heavy smoker for 15 years. Now I’m up to 2 packs a day.”

“Do you drink?”

“Well, I didn’t drink when I was younger but there’s been some binge drinking lately.”


“I have to confess that I might be overusing painkillers.”

“Is there a reason this is happening?”

“Yes, I’ve been under a whole lot of stress lately. I think I might be depressed.”

“Do you have a fitness regimen?”

“Well, no, mine is a very sedentary lifestyle.”

“Do you go for walks?”

“We live in an area with a lot of pollution and I hate breathing this nasty, disgusting air, you know?”

“What about your family history? Any cardiovascular problems?”

“My father had two heart attacks and my mother died of a stroke at the age of 52.”

“OK. The only risk to your cardiovascular health is weight. If you lose 10 pounds, or better yet 40, you’ll live forever.”

Iran Battles Jihadism

Iran has sent troops to Iraq to combat the terrorist organization ISIS.

Does anybody need any more proof that Iran wants to have a good relationship with the US and have a positive impact on the region?

If there is a distant hope for peace in the region, Iran will be crucial for making this dream reality. This is why I’m always so frustrated by mindless Iran-bashing.