If there is something in your partner (friend, co-worker, boss, etc) that really really bugs you and has been bugging you for a while, it means you need the partner (friend, employee, boss, etc) to keep exhibiting this trait because you need to keep feeling the way this trait makes you feel.

This is especially true if this is not the first partner (co-worker, friend, etc) who’s been bugging you with this particular trait.

Putin Aims to Drive A Wedge Between US and EU

Putin is using Ukraine to split the US and the EU because an enemy divided is easy to vanquish. The EU (which means Merkel because there isn’t anybody else there with any power to formulate a coherent policy) doesn’t want any real sanctions against Russia to be introduced because it’s dependent on Russia’s gas. So Merkel is simpering, wiggling, and jumping out of her shoes to please Putin.

And the US can’t introduce any serious sanctions against the will of the EU because it will anger Merkel. And if Europe doesn’t support the US, then who does?

While all of this is happening, Putin is enjoying the situation and rightfully taking pride in being the only player with a consistent, coherent policy.