Protected: HR Speak: A Riddle

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After an hour – long conversation with the HR department of a state university,  I have reached a single conclusion: immediate and total privatization of everything is urgently needed. What I have seen today can only be described as evil. HR departments are horrible and useless in private companies,  as well,  but they don’t even remotely rise to this level of inhuman insanity.

After I recover from the trauma, I will offer some details of the experience.


Just to illustrate the real cause of the problem that Affirmative Consent laws are trying to address.

A mother on Dr. Phil admits that she abuses and beats her 13 – year – old daughter.

“What does she needs to do for you to stop treating her this way?” Dr. Phil asks.

“She should do what I tell her and stop saying ‘no’ to me,” the mother announces brightly.

Ten years from now,  this girl will be posting online an essay about how she wanted to say no but couldn’t get herself heard.

R.I.P. Google+

Good news! Google+ is dying. Google tried herding people into their stupid social network so aggressively that even the use of gmail became too complex and drama-ridden.

Here is also a link to Google Graveyard, a list of all the idiotic initiatives Google tried to implement that turned out to be a complete waste of time. Of course, nobody minded Google’s strange experimenting until the company grew desperate an started trying to force or trick people into using its bizarre inventions.

If You Are Still Not Sick to Death With Affirmative Consent

I have never seen the meaningless expression “to wear down” used as many times as it is in the following article: Why “Affirmative Consent” Laws Are Needed

A hint for aspiring writers: if your entire argument rests on an obsessive use of a single expression,  there is a problem with the argument. Especially if the expression in question is a meaningless colloquialism.

If you do follow the link, I warn you that it is written by a sexist woman-hater of the first order.  What I find extremely bizarre is that such people seem to believe in all earnestness that they are doing something progressive and even feminist. Tell them that they are promoting one of the more vicious tenets of patriarchy and they will pucker their narrow foreheads in extreme confusion.