A New Twist

And of course the plot wouldn’t be complete without a sexy Russian spy. So some two-bit whore was found to spice up the deathly boring story of Mueller’s interminable “investigation.”

The NYTimes articles on the prostitute read like standup comedy. It beggars belief that people would actually believe this sorry crap.

15 thoughts on “A New Twist”

  1. I am probably the only reader who has no idea what you refer to in such posts. 🙂
    Thankfully, your tone conveys I am not missing much and may remain ignorant.


    1. A cheap-ass prostitute from Russia was accused of being a mega important spy and a part of this invented conspiracy between Trump and Putin. Of course, there is no evidence of anything but who cares. The prostitute’s last name conveniently happens to be Butina. So that American TV-viewers can easily assume that Butina is connected to Putin.


      1. The only evidence that have is the fact she ask directly a question to Trump after a speech.

        And they wonder why the Fake News accusations made by Trump have some credibility. Damn fuckers!


    1. That’s the best they could do, I guess. But the NYTimes makes such a fuss over her (obviously fake) hair color that it felt like the journalists were salivating all over the screen. This is what excited liberal journalists, I guess.


      1. If you have seen the advertisements featuring women in gun enthusiast magazines, realize that many of these men are ugly and/or old with Freudian issues*, and politics are Hollywood for ugly people, then you might understand. Yes, she doesn’t have the “attractiveness” of a Tangy Langerine or this chick but she’s attainable (relatively), not fat, and young so they can project all of their Red Sparrow fantasies on to her. The stereotypes (spy, Russian, red long hair, young) do most of the work in people’s minds.


  2. Well she’s an attractive (to some) young woman from a different country. Who better to be the scapegoat for our collective anxiety?


    1. It’s funny but it also does hurt that now all of a sudden these folks say they are bothered by Putin. Such hypocrisy. The same people who called me a Nazi for condemning Putin now all of a sudden don’t like him.


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