Global Capital Agrees

In the week since Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, the stock of Russia’s largest state-owned bank Sberbank dropped by 10,8%. Eighty million dollars were withdrawn from the Russian market by foreign investors since Monday.

It seems that global capital and I coincide in our evaluation of the meeting.

Capitalism and Religion

Studies show that Protestantism is the most accommodating belief system for primitive or nascent capitalism.

For more developed forms of capitalism, however, even this watered down version of Christianity becomes too onerous, and it gets jettisoned in favor of the “religions of the self” that don’t have any external reference point.

Lost in Translation

In a court filing last week, prosecutors said Butina’s emails and chat logs are full of references to a billionaire as the “funder” of her activities.

Actually, the word she uses is one that prostitutes use to refer to their johns in Russian.

She’s a prostitute, and not a particularly successful one because the ones who are really successful live in Monaco and Cannes.