Funny Link

A hilarious story about a progressive bakery in Portland. Why it is always a bakery, I have no idea. It must be something very Freudian.

6 thoughts on “Funny Link

  1. True, whenever I think of young progressive types starting a business, it’s always a bakery. (Knew a progressive, inclusive, co-op one when I lived in Ohio.) Or coffee shops. They love coffee shops.


    1. The only 3 progressive young people in my town started a bakery / coffee shop. I never go because the lines are too long but it’s great. Thankfully, we don’t have anybody who can try to outprogressivize them. 🙂


  2. …it would be funnier if the owner would stick to public ritual humiliation of himself, and not just fire two employees who did nothing wrong. How easily do you think his employees would have gotten overtime pay out of him if they chose to stay open until people stopped walking in?


  3. My conclusion is business should not be mixed with politics despite short term, sometimes illusionary benefits. It doesn’t end well.


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