Not Like Us

As I said from the start, the idea that it makes sense to have any interest in the bizarre sex lives of the glamorous set is ridiculous. They are not “just like us.” They live in a world of their own:

In the months that followed her revelations about Mr. Weinstein last October, Ms. Argento quietly arranged to pay $380,000 to her own accuser: Jimmy Bennett, a young actor and rock musician who said she had sexually assaulted him in a California hotel room years earlier, when he was only two months past his 17th birthday. She was 37. The age of consent in California is 18.

This is why I didn’t care for this ridiculous scandal from the start and warned everybody not to get hooked. There is no “metoo” because we are nothing like them.

Market Yourself

Even if you get a TT job at an R1 straight out of grad school and then get tenure, you are still a victim.

You aren’t a good enough entrepreneur of the self unless you have learned how to market yourself as a victim. This is discussed at length in Eva Illouz’s book, so I won’t say more.

Not Allergic to Work

I was feeling so sick and weak that I took Klara to campus. We went to Starbucks, had lunch at the student cafeteria, played with magnets in my office, and decorated every surface on campus with penguin stickers. While we were doing all that, I felt perfectly healthy. The moment we got into the car to drive off campus, all the symptoms returned.

I’m not allergic to work, in case that’s what people suspected.