You guys have no idea what a kind, sweet, calm person I become when it’s raining and the temperature is below 40F.


I don’t like Soros either and it’s obviously not because I’m anti-Semitic. I had no idea he was Jewish when I first started disliking him. When I found out he was a Jew, I started disliking him less.

The reason why I’m not a fan is that I’m Eastern European and I dislike all of the smug Western do-gooders who descended on the region after the collapse of the USSR to push their ideology – whatever it might be – onto the confused and desperate post-Soviets. I dislike the feminists, the neoliberals, the think-tankers, the preachers, the Jehovah’s witnesses, the Mormons, the motivational speakers, and everybody who showed up to exploit the post-Soviet confusion and poverty. The feminists, the preachers, the Mormons and the Soroses who stayed home I have no problem with.

Fat Unacceptance

These bootcamp workouts I’m doing three times a week really prolong my life. I stare at the clock, refusing to believe that a minute can last this long.

By the way, the workouts make it obvious that fat and fit is a lie. And by fat I don’t mean “I gained two pounds, I’m so fat.” I mean real fat, 50 to 200 lbs overweight.

Fitness diminishes as fatness increases. Age is somewhat of a factor but a healthy-weight 60-year-old is clearly fitter than an obese 20-year-old.

Why is it that so much of what is considered progressive hinges on denying the very obvious?

Confused Voter

OK, I looked at the voter guide and it’s ridiculous. The ballot is from here to the Moon. How am I supposed to sort out all these attorney generals, judges, county board members, etc and know which ones to vote for? It will take me a shitload of time to research them all.

Am I doing it wrong? Is there a hack? Like a cheat sheet?

On the funny side, we’ll be voting on a proposition to make our county a sanctuary for proud individual gun owners to protect them from any gun control measures adopted by the state at any future occasion.