Anti-gay Caravan

LGBT members of a caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the U.S. border appear to have reached the California border after leaving the main group behind over alleged discrimination from other migrants.

Knowing what I know about Central America – a region I love but not for its advances on the gender front, so to speak – I’m not surprised.

It remains a mystery who hassled the gay migrants so badly that they had to run away. The abused women and children who constitute the entirety of the caravan? Hmm.

The Hopping Culture

From Klara’s daily report:

Motor Skills

I hopped like a kangaroo in the kangaroo race for Multicultural Monday.
I’m starting to wonder what they understand by “multicultural” in that school.
I’m starting to wonder what they understand by “multicultural” in that school.

Adventurous Borscht

In the borscht, sunflower shoots taste earthy and almost like another carb, which works great.

People criticize me for experimenting a lot with my borscht. But I cook it at least twice a month every month, and I made my first borscht when I was 19. It gets old if you don’t change anything. I’ve put all sorts of crazy things in my borscht. Chickpeas, kale, broccoli, yams, heirloom beans, lentils, zucchini, nutritional yeast, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, flax seeds, sausage, green peas. The last two turned out hideous. It was a struggle to push those two borschts down my throat. But I make my borscht without meat, so they are cheap and even if one batch is bad, it’s not a big loss.

When I first met N, he informed me he didn’t like borscht because he wasn’t “into soup a whole lot.” To which I responded that I wasn’t offering soup, I was offering borscht, and anyway where would a Russian person even taste borscht to know what it was like.

And by the way, when I had a severe form of gestational diabetes, my diabetologist said, “No! You can’t have borscht! Your blood sugar will explode!” I didn’t believe her and risked it. And I was right, the borscht did zero damage to my blood sugar. Because my blood is already 70% borscht.


Sunflower Shoots

Hey, folks, do you know what’s amazing? Sunflower shoots.

We had 4 grocery stores in town: one for wealthy foodies, one for the middle class, one for the poorer folks, and one for crazy health nuts. The grocery store for the poorer folks has been bought out by the middle class store, so now there are three.

The foodie store recently started getting into microgreens. They cost like diamonds but they are delicious. The sunflower shoots you can see on the photo are rocking my world. The box was very full when I opened it but the shoots kept disappearing in the time it took to get my phone and take the photo. I’m putting them in borscht to see what happens.

Losing It

People are losing it like never before:

Donald Trump was in Europe the past couple of days, behaving like an absolute nightmare, the puppet of Vladimir Putin that he has always claimed not to be.

It gets worse every day. It’s gotten to the point where people are completely delusional. They are unable to see reality.