Happy Thanksgiving

We are trying to fit into 3,5 days in Florida everything we usually do in two weeks here. Today, for example, we went to the beach and the swimming pool twice (in the morning and after the nap). We also visited the fair, had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that I cooked right here at the hotel, and then drove to the pier for a walk, some dancing for Klara, some shopping for me, and then some more dancing. And in the breaks between these activities, N and I both did some work. N also managed to get to the gym, which I admire but don’t want to imitate.

We are traveling with a toddler, so everything has to be calculated very precisely to fit with her routine.

Tomorrow is our last day here and we have to fit in a trip to Naples, Florida, because I love Naples with an uncommon passion.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope you are having fun, too.

Sand Sculpture Fair

At the fair that features a sand sculpture contest, Klara showed no interest in the kiosks that sold clothes, jewelry, toys and treats and insisted, instead, that we stay to listen to a lecture by a sand sculpture artist.

“Be quiet and listen to what the nice gentleman is telling,” she commanded when I started to fidget and whine that I was bored and needed a treat and a toy.