More on Consumerism

And a propos consumerism, it will not destroy anti-Semitism but it will wipe out Jews:

Anti-Semitism is not what defines the experience of Jews in America today; assimilation is. To hear the professional worriers in the Jewish community, it’s love, not hate, that poses the bigger existential challenge. A vast majority of Jews — 72 percent among the non-Orthodox — now marry outside the tribe. The infrastructure of Judaism, from the synagogue to the long-established liberal denominations, is being steadily abandoned. Almost a third of millennial Jews are so unidentified with Judaism they say they have no religion at all.

Obviously, it’s not just Jews. Only about 8% of millennials find religion relevant to their lives. If the whole point of life is the satisfaction of fleeting whims of the all-important self, there can be no place for religion which is based on valuing something above the whims of the self.

Daddy Is Like a Kitty

This is heartbreaking. The casual cruelty to very small kids in the name of consumerism is impossible to watch.

We all have to answer difficult questions. I had to explain to Klara where her brother is, why she only has one grandpa and can’t see her other grandma. None of this was easy but I didn’t just lie to her and say they don’t exist. She’s not a toy I bought at a store. She’s a human being who is entitled to infirmation about herself, her origins, and her close relatives.

Consumerism is very scary because people see absolutely nothing but themselves, their momentary whims, and their consumer choices.