Daddy Is Like a Kitty

This is heartbreaking. The casual cruelty to very small kids in the name of consumerism is impossible to watch.

We all have to answer difficult questions. I had to explain to Klara where her brother is, why she only has one grandpa and can’t see her other grandma. None of this was easy but I didn’t just lie to her and say they don’t exist. She’s not a toy I bought at a store. She’s a human being who is entitled to infirmation about herself, her origins, and her close relatives.

Consumerism is very scary because people see absolutely nothing but themselves, their momentary whims, and their consumer choices.

One thought on “Daddy Is Like a Kitty

  1. Meanwhile, one of our colleagues has a son whose father is a sperm bank donor and it turns out is very prolific, generated many children. There are 43 known of, and 17 of these have been located and met. I don’t think they’ve found the guy yet but there was a get-together for the kids with a group picture that I saw, and they definitely all look related. They’re half siblings and it looks like a group of cousins, some strikingly similar and others a little less so…


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