Bad News

While I was celebrating, McCaskill got trounced in Missouri. Fuck this.

And how come Scott Walker isn’t losing? He’s such a shit, and Evers is better by any measure.

And Bost won? What the fuck?

Gillum lost in Florida?

I’m not liking any of this.

Any more bad news I’m missing?

One literally can’t turn away from the TV without bad things happening.

Liveblogging Election Results

So? Have we won?

Let’s share our reactions to the election as the results come in!

P.S. What’s up with Florida that the results are always so close? Can’t the state just make up its mind?

P.P.S. Rauner conceded! I’m a happy woman tonight.

P.P.P.S. Florida’s prop 4 passed. How do I find out about the results on local ballot props and state house races? Those are very very important in my county this year.

P.P.P.P.S. Fox News called the House election for the Democrats already and it’s only 8:50pm CT. That’s big.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Manchin won!!! Great news keep pouring in. Kobach went down in Kansas!

9:00 pm CT – why is everybody saying there’s no blue wave? I’m seeing a wave for sure. And even Fox News agrees.

9:02 – Menéndez won in NJ. That’s a disgrace. He’s absolutely horrible. A dumb, corrupt bastard.

9:04 – Heitkamp lost but come on. It was obvious she was going to lose. God, I want to move to North Dakota. Not because Heitkamp lost – I really like her – but because of the climate.

American Child

I was putting Klara in the car this morning when she saw a woman walking past the house.

“Why is the nice lady walking, Mommy?” she asked.

“Because she likes to walk,” I said. “Walking is fun.”

“But why she doesn’t have a car?”

“I’m sure she does but sometimes it’s nice to walk.”

“But you never walk, Mommy,” Klara said. “You drive a car. You never walk on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are not for going.”

In my defense, I love walking and I’ve literally never had a better time in my life than when Klara was an infant and I could take her out for walks in her stroller. We were out walking 3-4 hours a day every day. But as soon as she learned to say no, she refused to go back in the stroller, and that was that for our walks. We go to parks and playgrounds a lot but as for actual walking, 15 minutes in she demands that I carry her, and that’s untenable.

There is a Chinese grandma in the neighborhood who takes her almost-5-year-old boy for long walks in the stroller every day. I envy her but Klara is not the kind of child who’ll sit in the stroller even for 10 minutes.

More about Netflix

Also, Netflix has changed its model completely and became a service that is only interested in streaming TV shows It creates. That’s OK, I get it. But what do people now do for movies? Netflix killed Blockbuster because it could supposedly provide movies in a better way. And now that it mostly dumped the movie business, where do people get movies to watch? Legally, I mean.

I’m sure this was all discussed elsewhere many times and I’m late to the party, as always. But even I, a person who is not a huge movie fan, to put it mildly, am noticing that something isn’t working here.

I also don’t get how Netflix’s model works. Where do they get money to film all these TV shows? From people’s $7.99 per month subscription? And that’s enough?

P.S. A propos TV shows, we are finishing the second season of Ozark, a show that needs to be shown instead of Trump’s election videos. And that’s not only because the portrayal of Mexicans but because of the really offensive and deeply biased portrayal of rural Missouri. And by the way, God, TV shows really suck at portraying white poverty. Would it have been so hard for the casting folks, the makeup and hair people, and the costume workers to go hang out at a trailer park for a couple of hours to see what people actually wear and look like?

Weird Netflix

Why does Netflix remove a movie that I’m in the midst of watching? I had about 20 minutes left on the movie, turned off the device, came back in a couple of days, but the movie isn’t there. Instead, Netflix is inviting me to watch the sequel. What is the point of watching the sequel if I don’t know how the first one ended. And where is the guarantee that the sequel (which is Spanish like the original movie) won’t evaporate, too?