Flight Drink

What’s your favorite beverage to have on a flight?

Mine is tomato juice. I never drink anything else, and if I have several connecting flights, I end up chugging liters of it. Economy, business, first class, it’s always tomato juice for me.

What’s funny is that I never drink it in any other context. Only in the air.

11 thoughts on “Flight Drink

  1. Tomato juice, also. It is much better than their water, and it has vitamins, and it is low in sugar. Yet it has some calories so it refreshes until you finally get to eat. It is just a question of getting it without ice.


      1. I see that Demotrash has already mentioned “V8 Juice” (which is actually 90% tomato juice mixed with a small amount of seven other plant juices). It which tastes much better than plain blah tomato juice, and most U.S.-based airlines carry little cans of it.

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  2. Tomato juice too, which is something I never drink usually. See my comment about how I think taste buds change when you fly.


    1. “I think taste buds change when you fly.”

      Your mouth gets drier when you fly because of the reduced humidity in the aircraft, and this diminishes your sense of taste.

      “V8 Juice” still tastes better at 50,000 feet than plain blah tomato juice.


  3. Tomato juice, too. Since you don’t get much food on airlines anymore, tomato juice is like having a drink and a small snack (of vegetables) at the same time. And I also never drink tomato juice anywhere else. If I don’t get tomato juice on a flight, I get Diet Coke.


  4. I’ve read that tomato juice is most people’s preferred flight drink, even though it’s not popular in other contexts. I also prefer during flights. I think it’s because it’s savory and feels almost like having a snack.


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