Every building here in Valencia is infernally hot. We are three Canadian ladies, so we made our room temperature at the hotel glacial. But the conference building is a sauna. Conference organizers included abanicos in our goody bags because speakers will conk out without ventilation. Even male attendees gave up and started using the abanicos. What do you even call them in English?

For the first time ever I hope I get no questions after my talk because my brain melted to a soup consistency.

4 thoughts on “Abanicos

  1. Have you heard about:

    House Democrats joined with Republicans on Wednesday to kill an impeachment resolution against President Trump, a move that is likely to rankle the Democratic Party’s liberal base clamoring to oust the president.
    The vote was 332 to 95, with 95 Democrats voting to keep the resolution alive and 137 of their colleagues siding with Republicans. It was a surprising turn, just one day after the two parties bickered bitterly over House passage of a resolution condemning Trump’s racist remarks.
    Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) put Democratic leaders in a bind Tuesday night by filing articles of impeachment accusing Trump of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. His resolution, which cited Trump’s comments targeting four minority Democratic congresswomen, was privileged, requiring that the House act within two days.



  2. For me, the english for abanico would be ‘fan’, if you really want to distinguish it from the electric variety then ‘handheld fan’ if you want to go all out then foldable or collapseable fan.

    In the US South a piece of cardboard on a wood handle used to be a staple of everyday living (they might still be for all I know)


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