Toddler Books

The conference was going great until a talker who doesn’t have small children declared that toddlers today don’t want books about princesses and instead want to read about transgender astronauts.

In response, I quoted a Basque writer who says she and her colleagues avoid calling themselves feminists because the concept has been completely perverted by American academics.

4 thoughts on “Toddler Books

  1. Even most adults prefer to read about princesses 🙂

    Were those really his exact words re transgender astronauts?


  2. In my experience toddlers like books on trans-species creatures, eg. the Gruffalo. They also like books on muddy princesses, friendly cows, hungry caterpillars, talking trucks and dragons who can take them flying. Astronauts of any persuasion don’t really feature, unless on TV and made of Lego.

    It’s distinctly annoying that feminism has been hijacked by supposedly educated people who can offer no practical solutions to the problems women face, worldwide.


      1. “fussing about things of no import while real problems are left unnoticed”

        Confronting the real problems would bring about too much cognitive dissonance, so…. obsessing about trivia to fill the mind instead of dealing with the elephants in the room.


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