Ukrainian Election

As a result of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, a comedian will have to negotiate with a pop singer to get a majority in the parliament.

Obviously, the comic and and pop star are puppets for extremely corrupt and vicious oligarchs. But voters are do intensely dim-witted that they take these figureheads seriously.

People get exactly the kind of government they desire and deserve, so whatever.


5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Election

  1. 🙃 I demand a rewrite of this version of reality.

    An article on Amazon’s Ring doorbell app and its facial recognition system which it sells to police departments.

    From the article there’s a link to a “Ban Facial Recognition” campaign which shows which states and police departments have partnered with Amazon.

    If you weren’t already slightly creeped out by a doorbell app that recalls a Japanese horror film and the corrupting Ring from Lord of the Rings already…


  2. “extremely corrupt and vicious oligarchs”

    Different cultures have different democratic thresholds…. I think the Russian speaking threshold is higher than their tolerance for vicious and corrupt oligarchs… That is, as long as enough people don’t hate and despise the oligarchs (to the point that they’re afraid to show their filthy faces in public) then there’s no improvement possible. I have the idea that to a large degree people don’t hate them because at some level they’d like that lifestyle to…


    1. Definitely. But the difference is that US democracy is 250 years old while Ukraine’s democracy is 10 minutes old. The US won’t even notice something that a weak, young state like Ukraine won’t survive.


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