Leftover Breakfast and a Quote

Eggs, carrots, asparagus, a big of shaved parmesan, and some of my leftover fish jelly after I’d eaten all the fish out of it. Mine is an honest-ass fish jelly, with not a speck of gelatin in it. There are some mini slices of Latvian bread on the side.

As for the quote, what do you think about “globalization is the process of internationalizing the division of labor”? It’s from Caldwell, not me.

One thought on “Leftover Breakfast and a Quote

  1. Breakfast is great. Quote is true but hardly original to Caldwell – – this has been a discussion for some time, as in since the 90s in the current neoliberal turn, and in scholarship on Lat Am and the colonial word, for a long time, since the whole colonial project was done by transnational corporations and all — I mean look at the Hudson’s Bay Company, think of the Jesuits’ transnational enterprise, etc.


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