Two More Years

“At 4:40am, it was reported that three people from the Centre for National Resilience scaled the fence and fled the area,” an earlier statement from NT Police reads. “Police and staff at the Centre for National Resilience are currently confirming the absconders’ identities prior to releasing further information.” The facility is currently holding people affected by the NT’s Katherine region COVID-19 outbreak as well as returned travellers from repatriation flights.

Please read the whole article and observe the photographs. “The Centre for National Resilience.” “Absconders.” If you saw this article two years ago, you’d think it was ludicrous fantasizing.

And now please imagine where this will all go two years from now. In just two years, we went from freedom to national resilience camps and completely innocent people being transported in cages. Canada has effectively suspended the concept of citizenship and repealed the Charter of rights. What will two more years bring?

Think back to December 1, 2019. Remember how it was? I do. I was preparing for a trip to Canada and had no idea it was going to be my last one. Think about everything we have lost since then.

And now imagine that this is December 1 of 2023. Everything continues in the same direction – because why wouldn’t it – and we are now… Where?

14 thoughts on “Two More Years

    1. It’s truly curious to see that there are people who have managed to convince themselves that Biden is some sort of savior because he trotted out a few “anti-racist” slogans while pumping trillions of public money to gigantic corporations.

      Truly, there’s nothing some people wouldn’t sacrifice for a cute slogan.


  1. As an Australian, its deeply disturbing, not just because of what’s being done, but also that they thought it was a good idea to give it a North Korean or Chinese propaganda sounding name ‘Centre for National Resilience’. But thats exactly the point isn’t it, the governments have got so caught up in copying the restrictions on freedom from such countries they hardly notice they have needed to copy the propaganda too, to mask what they are doing from the public.

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      1. Seems like Western countries are promoting the spheres of influence diplomatic model.

        If there is a blanket ban on travel from southern African countries, that effectively makes countries like Botswana part of South Africa’s sphere of influence.

        This of course leads to Taiwan falling under China’s sphere of influence and Ukraine under Russia’s.


        1. “the spheres of influence diplomatic model”

          Two big trends in the modern world are the Big Leader who stays in office far too long (Putin, Erdogan, Merkel, Lukashenka, Xi) and the rebirth of horrible old ideas like ‘spheres of influence’.. this is sometimes expressed, especially by Putinites) in terms of a ‘multi-polar’ world.

          The end of the nation state is a Janus nightmare, the increase of surveillance and control (including direct control of people’s bodies) and 19th century style Great Powers politics of the kind that routinely lead to massive wars…


  2. Also an Aussie here, but an ex-pat. My last trip to my country of birth was 3 years ago. At that time, I never imagined I’d be shut out of the country. It was inconceivable. The reality for me now is that I will never get to see my elderly mother again. Thanks, Australia.

    Heaven only knows what’s next.

    The other aspect about the NT situation that is just stunning to me is the forcible removal and incarceration of people from Aboriginal communities. With the history Australia has with that type of action towards indigenous people, how did anyone ever remotely imagine that this would be a good idea???? Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to describe it – and that’s apart from the more obvious, serious issues in terms of freedom for citizens.

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    1. China – Uyghurs, Mongolians, Tibetans etc
      Australia – Aboriginals

      Australia is essentially an economic colony of China (and rapidly becoming a soci0-political and military(?) colony….)

      Solve for the equilibrium.


      1. “Australia is essentially an economic colony of China (and rapidly becoming a soci0-political and military(?) colony….)”

        Australia is more like a US military and surveillance outpost that is permitted to supply resources to China so that finished goods may be shipped to the US.

        A significant proportion of Australian companies are actually owned by US interests, while the real beneficiaries of many Chinese manufactories are, again, US based.

        The same also goes for land, water, and unexploited mineral and energy resources.

        The way Australia fits into the world order regarding China was revealed starkly only a month or so ago when a $90 billion or so submarine contract between Australia and France was abruptly cancelled, followed by an agreement for submarines to be supplied by the US instead, which essentially makes the Australian Defense Force an arm of the US military aimed directly at China.


  3. From the article:

    “”Absconding from Howard Springs isn’t just dangerous — it is incredibly stupid,” he said.

    “Because we will catch you and there will be consequences.”

    The escape comes days after a 27-year-old man escaped the facility by scaling a fence and heading for the Mitchell Street party strip in a waiting vehicle.

    The man tested negative for the virus but the incident is still under investigation, with police searching for the driver of the vehicle involved.”

    –the three teenagers involved also tested negative.

    I feel like in fifty years, there will be historical thriller movies made about this. If we still do movies then.

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    1. There will be movies. In these movies, escaping teenagers will be villains and the heroic police will catch them. In the end, they will acknowledge their error, accept the light of the vaccines/lock-downs/social distancing/quarantine and, once they come out of the quarantine camp, they will become crime-fighters themselves, catching the other bad guys. They will be uniquely qualified for this job having overcome the security measures themselves.

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