Red Cross Corruption

Please never donate to the Red Cross again. I never donated them because they are extraordinarily corrupt but now there’s even more reason to not waste money on them.

8 thoughts on “Red Cross Corruption

  1. Oh yes, thank you for this. The Red Cross are notorious for being BANDITS, and I am not exaggerating. One of the most corrupt organisations ever to disfigure the face of the Earth.

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      1. Red Cross “refusing to spend anything”

        Based upon a lifetime of experience, I avoid – wherever-possible/like-the-plague – funding large bureaucratic charities opting instead for more local “boots on the ground” initiatives run through faith organizations.

        Several weeks ago, I posted about IOCC who are funding locals to assist Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Romania.

        But Poland is hosting more than twice the number of refugees presently sheltering in Romania and Moldova. And, the Roman Catholics have the boots on the ground in Poland.

        Do any of your readers know whether this Roman Catholic organization’s humanitarian work in Poland and Ukraine is worth funding?


        1. Caritas is the all-purpose relief organisation of the Roman Catholic Church but it operates on a national basis, ie it is not an international organisation. Its effectiveness varies from country to country.


  2. Haven’t touched Red Cross since Katrina. When Katrina happened, we were watching every scrap of news coming out of the disaster zone, and trying to figure out where our donation would do the most good. Red Cross took like a week just to “stage” their relief efforts even thought it was getting massive $$$ from both private donations and federal grants, and their admin costs are outrageous. But you know who was in there the next day despite the destroyed infrastructure and horrible security issues? The Salvation Army. So now, whenever there’s any kind of domestic natural disaster type thing that I want to send my relief money to, it goes to SA: their response teams are really fast, they are in there within 24 hours, serving hot meals to people who don’t have electricity to cook with, handing out ice to people with no a/c or refrigeration, potable water, etc. Their theology is weird, but they use the money well.

    Since Hurricane Michael, I’d also consider donating to the the Cajun Navy guys, assuming they actually have an organization to donate to these days. They seemed very, very organized, and were also on the ground with hot meals, chainsaws, and armed search-and-rescue teams within 24 hours. I don’t know what their finances look like, but dang, we headed back into town almost as soon as the weather cleared, and they already had their tents set up, cooking jambalaya on camp stoves and taking down addresses of people who needed to be checked on. If I ever have to go through a major hurricane again, I’d like them to still be around.

    Internationally, we go with IOCC– they don’t seem to be as quick, but they keep their overhead very low so at least the money goes where it’s intended.

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    1. “The Salvation Army… use the money well”

      Big, big, yes for bang for your donation buck!

      It’s the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in Canada.

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    2. “Internationally, we go with IOCC…”

      IOCC has been our principal go-to as well since it was founded in the 1990s.

      We also favour Chalice Canada as it has a similar low-overhead, boots on the ground, non-sectarian, direct delivery model. (I’m sure there must be several U.S. organizations that work along the same lines as Chalice Canada.)


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