Different News

The very moment I tried to check out the US news, this is what I found:

I’m going back to my Ukrainian news because at least there are no snowflakes getting massive air time there.


4 thoughts on “Different News

  1. A Russian blogger connected the behavior of those policemen to George Floyd’s case.

    “American police have learned their lesson. And now the arrests of criminals are carried out with the involvement of a huge crowd and spreading responsibility for both decision-making and actions on all participants in the process. It is logical that the police who arrived at the scene of the execution were forced to wait for reinforcements: what if the shooter turns out to be not just a criminal, but America’s new hope for a brighter future. You have to be gentle and considerate towards such characters. What if things are not as they seem.”

    Full post in Russian:


  2. In other news,

    Israel tells U.S. administration it is angered by leak to New York Times
    The paper quotes intelligence source saying Israel informed U.S. of responsibility for assassination of IRGC official in Tehran; Jerusalem concerned Iran now forced to avenge the killing after ambiguity compromised



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