Public School Legacy

My daughter goes to a Christian school but it so happened that the first-grade teacher retired. The school had to hire somebody out of the public school system, and this is already the second time that I catch her at channeling the race-obsessed woke worldview. I’m sure she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. This propaganda gradually molds you until you lose the capacity to see it from the outside and notice how strange and contradictory it is.

I shudder to think what I’d be hearing from my kid if she were at a public school.


12 thoughts on “Public School Legacy

  1. I have plenty of issues with my (public) education growing up, but I sure wasn’t taught that MLK was killed by “a white person.” Things have downhill fast.


    1. Right? And it’s very disturbing that many people I tell the story don’t see a problem with it. These same people would have been scandalized if I said “blacks committed a genocide in Rwanda.”


      1. “same people would have been scandalized if I said “blacks committed a genocide in Rwanda”

        Or Robert F Kennedy was killed by a Palestinian terrorist upset at his pro-Israel policy…..


    1. Right? Why is any of this necessary at such an early age. Now I have to explain “why white people treated black people so badly.” Who needs this at 6? How is this a good idea?


  2. Out of curiosity, what exactly is she doing? I am asking because I think some of this stuff is seeping in to my daughter’s preschool as well.


  3. This has only just started, as they have eleven years to get to her still.

    John Taylor Gatto’s bit in The Federalist about one hundred hours of core instruction may be useful to consider. Paulo Freire’s idea of a “revolutionary project” that focuses learning works well in conjunction with this.

    Your daughter doesn’t sound like she can’t learn and in fact seems eager to learn, so maybe she can do an end run around this by deciding on what long-term projects she’d like to do her learning around.

    The problem with American education is that it is first and foremost a kind of social education that drags along necessary bits of pedagogy only grudgingly.

    Once ideology peddlers became widely aware of this, they realised there’s plenty of time to replace one societal view for another while paying lip service to the pedagogical programme.

    This new teacher doesn’t yet understand why it’s wrong to do this, not only from the religious view of wrongness but also from societal views against “grooming” and predation.

    That this teacher is a predatory ideological groomer makes her no different from any of the other types of groomers that presently find safe havens within Big Ed.

    Within my family, the males tend to have children very late in life, and part of that has been that we’ve taken a look out on the social landscape, found it lacking, and started moving to where it’s better.

    The future wife and I are now talking about how to do things for our family without having to deal with the kind of crap you’re dealing with, and it’s what led to having one foot out the door already.

    In order to keep this system’s hooks out of the kids, we may have to go the full renunciation route, hence why I’ve been collecting shiny Pokemon for years and why it’s her turn to continue, as she’s eventually going to be able to add two more of mine.

    The amusing part of all of this is that the US only recently implemented the EB5 visa class that competes with these countries, and it still requires $10M+ of investment for certain types of business investors. (EB2 and EB3 visas are still tied up in years of paperwork.)

    For what, so your kids can be educated to hate their European roots?

    Yeah, hard pass.

    But let’s talk about the Fenians and Canada’s first political assassination, shall we? And let’s leave your daughter out of this, she can learn about Canadian history some other time.




  4. The woke ideology expressly detests childhood innocence and explicitly seeks to develop racial and critical consciousness aka despising everything about America. The earlier the better.

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  5. A while back my child came back from the daycare (at the ripe age of 2) telling me they are white. I almost fell off the chair. Fortunately, I was able to divert their attention and point to different colors of their clothes that they were wearing (red, blue, green, etc.). After that they went on happily pointing at all different colors they wore (I am red! I am yellow!) and that was the end of it. Still it made it more wary and watchful about what is going on. Sadly, these things are seeping in at younger and younger ages.

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    1. I had a similar experience when my kid was around that age and she asked me, “mommy, why do people say I’m white? I look pink to me.”

      I was so angry.


    2. Oh, man, my 3yo does this automatically: describes people by the color of their clothing. So our priest and deacons, until he learned their names, were all “that black guy” 🙂 and various neighborhood friends were reliably “the green guy” and “the red guy”. Sometimes it gets really esoteric and we have “The green guy is wearing a black shirt today” based on whatever they were wearing last time he saw them.

      The kids are so unfamiliar with racial terms that they don’t register them as coherent descriptors. They will occasionally, when trying to figure out which name belongs to which face among the dozen children they bike up and down our street with, say something like “no, Timmy is the one who is shorter than Kayden and has darker skin than John” but it’s a neutral fact, like having curly hair or straight hair, or whether or not someone wears glasses. We live in a minority white neighborhood.

      No idea how that discussion is going to go, when they finally encounter the idea that there’s some kind of value attached to genetic origin. I’m happy to let them be innocent of it for as long as possible.


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