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What is she, then? The author of this article who drips with contempt for the middle class. Aristocracy? Her Royal Highness?

Truly, people are losing all perspective.


8 thoughts on “In the Headlines

    1. @Post Alley Crackpot
      Kudos to you!
      From the article: “I love cats and read books – and, indeed, have written a book about a cat .”


  1. Well, “You shall own nothing and you’ll be happy” and all that…
    Except, just walk into the fabulous houses of most journalists at The Guardian – over half of whom were privately educated, some at England’s elite “Public Schools”, and around 80% of whom come from Britain’s upper class (The Guardian’s very own data) – and you’ll be flabbergasted at the amount of (precious) possessions: positively dripping with them they are. Superb libraries as well, quite often inherited from parents, grandparents and great-grandparents together with the antique furniture.
    And don’t start me on their holiday homes in Cornwall or Devon or their “rĂ©sidences secondaires” in Provence or the Dordogne…

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  2. When my kids were growing up, I took a fair amount of flak from my fellow homeschooling moms because I bought so many books for them, when I could have relied on the public library. It wasn’t that I had a lot of money (far from it), but I thought it was important for us to buy books. What would happen to authors and illustrators who produce beautiful books for children if everyone refused to buy them? No author or illustrator would be able to survive, and I think they deserve to be able to make a living with their art. Obviously people who can’t afford to buy books must rely on libraries, but those of us who can afford them should buy them. Our kids learn what we value from where we choose to spend our money. My kids didn’t have television or a closet full of expensive clothes or all the latest toys, but they did have books.


    1. There are academic studies showing that the physical presence of books in the house is crucial for developing an attachment to reading and is one of the major predictors of academic success.

      So you intuitively did what’s best.

      A home without books is a sad place to be.

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