Do You Want a Debate With This Person?

An unhinged person had the following to say about people who oppose Arizona’s anti-abortion laws:

Opponents of this law do not really prioritize women’s health and their right to choose. Instead of wanting women to make smart decisions for themselves, they become “pro-abortion.” Their ultimate goal is the slaughter of innocent babies, so women can maintain their more comfortable lifestyles rather than live with the results of their choices — both the trials and the blessings.

No, silly little freakazoid, it’s only the guilty babies we, the evil feminazis, want to slaughter, so you can rest easy.Where do such creepos come from and how can we ship them back to their weird planet?

For an intelligent, detailed takedown of this unhealthy statement from a deluded maniac, read the post I linked to.

The only reason I placed this quote here is as a response to people saying that instead of calling such folks vile freakazoids, I should debate them logically and reasonably. Of course, I’m guessing that I will be a lot more successful holding debates with the neighborhood pooch who hates me for some reason and goes into fits whenever it sees me. Holding an intellectual discussion with somebody who says that my “ultimate goal is the slaughter of innocent babies”, though? Seriously? Because I want to waste my life debating things with people who are congenitally incapable of formulating a rational thought?

No, I’ll just stick to using these creatures for the only purpose God and nature intended them: to serve as an object of ridicule.

17 thoughts on “Do You Want a Debate With This Person?

  1. When you’ve decided to base your anti-abortion beliefs on the idea that the “ultimate goal” of pro-choicers is “the slaughter of innocent babies” you’ve pretty much cut all ties to reason and rationality. Perhaps if enough people treat them like mental patients who have somehow escaped their leather straps they’ll get it, but I doubt it.


    1. ” Perhaps if enough people treat them like mental patients who have somehow escaped their leather straps they’ll get it, but I doubt it.”

      – That’s my only hope. We’ve mollycoddled and humored these freaks enough.


      1. Yes, I am thoroughly out of patience with them. It’s one thing to have reservations about abortion, it’s quite another to think that people getting abortions are the equivalent of mustache-twirling silent movie villains who kill for fun.


        1. I can’t mention that I don’t see self-sacrificial womanhood as leading to happiness on my blog without somebody coming by to censor it, yet somebody actually publishes something this offensive, and we have got to respect his insane “opinion.” Ridiculous!


  2. Haha, this made me laugh out loud.

    Unfortunately, however, this person goes to Northwestern with me, so clearly he has managed to convince others that he is intelligent.


  3. The strangest thing in the world is seeing weirdos like that interact with someone who has had an abortion, openly talks about it, and doesn’t feel one iota of guilt, shame, or regret. They kind of freeze up, like they don’t know what to say or think when they’re confronted with the “evil, lazy, selfish whore” they envisioned, and see that it’s an ordinary person, no different from any other woman, and then awkwardly change the topic.


  4. I think that the single most telling thing that this person wrote is actually that bit about making women “live with the results of their choices.” I say that this is telling because this is actually the very thing that pro-choicers have been saying about anti-choicers all along; that they don’t give a flying toss about the foetuses, but are in fact only view them as a way to punish women for being ‘sluts.’


  5. Just the same though, people should not assume that all those who are pro-life hate women, as I have seen some on the pro-choice side claim. It seems the hardcore pro-life people call women baby killers and the hardcore pro-choicers call pro-life people woman haters.


    1. “Just the same though, people should not assume that all those who are pro-life hate women”

      – Have you even read the quote? This creep says that my ultimate goal is to slaughter babies. What the fuck should I call him exactly?

      Seriously, man, get a grip already. This jerkwad accused me personally of planning to commit murder. And I can’t analyze his actions? What should we all “assume” about this woman-hating psycho?


      1. People like him, sure, I’m just talking about pro-life people in general. Some people say ALL pro-life people are women-haters. Some are, who accuse all pro-choice people of wanting to commit murder, others, not so.


        1. ” Some people say ALL pro-life people are women-haters.”

          – I’m one of those people. I also say that they are despicable, vile freakazoids who need to be spit at by normal people. And there is nothing “pro-life” about them. I warn you not to use this hateful terminology on my blog.


      2. So….you consider a pro-life person who says all pro-choice people want to kill babies as totally inane and illogical (to which I agree), but then you do the exact same thing (make a blanket statement).


  6. I encourage anyone who thinks that anti-choicers have any claim to calling themselves “pro life” work in a Planned Parenthood clinic for a year. Within one month of the threatening phone calls, checking for suspicious packages and envelopes in the mail room, wearing the escort vest and dealing with protesters trying to manhandle them and the patients, and counting a good week as one when they didn’t have to evacuate the clinic for the bomb squad to check things out, the words “pro life” will never again pass their lips to describe these goons.


    1. I suppose all Muslims are violent terrorists as well because almost everyone who speaks out against Islam gets threatened. You cannot judge an entire point-of-view based off of the action of the nutcases.


      1. No, but I can, and do judge them by the end result of what they want – which is invariably prevention of abortion – which results in harm to women. So; they seek harm to women, and it is by that standard I will judge them.


  7. Fabulous! Some Random Internet Person who knows my own mind and motivation better than I do myself!

    I don’t want to debate this person; I want him to come pick out my next lottery numbers.

    (Okay, what I really want is for him to be at the mercy of my 6th period one fine Friday afternoon, but I realize that may be going a little too far.) 😉


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