Talks With My Husband

Clarissa: Something unbelievable happened today in class! A student spilled her drink and it stank of alcohol. I can’t believe she had been sitting there sipping a cocktail all class long.

Clarissa’s Husband (completely seriously): There is no need to assume the worst. This didn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage. Maybe her mug contained window-cleaning solution.

7 thoughts on “Talks With My Husband

  1. Recently, at the request of the dean, I was helping kids of some friend of his (who turned out to be the CFO of the university, but I figured that out only later) with the high school science project… The idea was to measure fluorescence of some fluorescent bacteria in response to various widespread chemicals… Most chemicals had no effect or gradually killed the bacteria, so their fluorescence decreased exponentially. Windex caused fluorescence that was gradually increasing, in waves, as the party (of bacteria, not of me and CFO’s kids 🙂 ) got wilder and wilder… 🙂 🙂
    I should ask what was the school’s response to the finding that alcohol makes bacteria happy… 🙂


  2. Just wanting to say that this made me laugh out loud. Ha ha ha. As much as I don’t want drunk students, I think I prefer them to suicidal students. 😉


  3. I have totally had spiked drinks in class before, both in undergrad and in law school. But then, in law school, sometimes the drinks were just plain beer or wine provided by the school…


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