At the Beauty Store

At the local beauty store, my sister, my niece and I got into the wrong line and debated loudly in Russian. Then we spilled a huge amount of coffee and made an enormous puddle on the floor.

“There is not a single person in this line who isn’t experiencing anti-immigrant sentiments right now,” I told my sister. “We just created several more Trump voters here at the store.”

5 thoughts on “At the Beauty Store

  1. “We just created several more Trump voters here at the store.”

    That’s when you should have started yelling “VIVA PUTIN! VIVA TRUMP! Long live the glorious friendship between Putin and Trump!!!”


      1. I defer to your life experience.

        That comment was motivated by conversations with my Trumpster cousins in Indiana, who reserve their anti-immigrant ire for the criminal hordes of brown-skinned Spanish-speakers (they assume) whom they believe to be flooding illegally across our southern border. They seem to assume that white gainfully employed foreigners have pursued legal channels and are therefore okay.

        Mind you, my cousins don’t actually seem to know any immigrants of either variety — they just watch a lot of Fox news.


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