Wiped Out

All of this Latinx crap served to create positions in “Latinx Studies” within English departments. As soon as every English department has one, there will be no reason not to close down Spanish departments.

Many people graduating with Spanish PhDs this year are applying for these English Latinx jobs. Because these are the tenure lines that are being opened while the lines in Spanish departments are being wiped out.

Serves us right for sitting there in a stupor and failing to realize that this was the reason for aggressively anglicizing the word Latino.

Prime Question

What I don’t get is the business model behind Amazon Prime Originals TV series. They make good series, with real stars, well-made. Take Bosch. It’s a good, solid series. But then they drop them for free to Prime members. There are no ads. How do they get the money back? It’s not like anybody gets a Prime subscription to watch Bosch.

Does anybody understand how this works?

Why Bullet-journaling Works

Bullet-journaling works because, as the creator of the method says, knowing that there is a place you can dump all of your mental clutter frees up a lot of brain space.

Also, carrying it around means that whenever there’s some unexpected free time you can work on one of your projects. A lot can get done in that way.

I’m chairing a committee with a very complicated, multi-stage task, and it’s 5 times easier now that I bullet-journal than when I did it last time.