Psychological Health Challenge, Day 5

On Monday, a new workweek begins, and I’m suggesting we adopt a new routine to start our days. I’ve always wanted to do this but I can’t get myself together enough for it. This time, though, I’m definitely going to make the change.

Monday’s challenge is to start the day with a 5-minute writing exercise. Let’s take 5 minutes out of the morning Facebook or newsfeed scrolling and dedicate them to writing by hand. The goal is to dump all of our mental clutter on a page and not let it rattle around in our heads all day.

This isn’t writing for an audience so it doesn’t have to be pretty. Scrawl down everything you want to get out and leave it behind. If you have no idea what to write, choose from the following suggestions whichever sounds more attractive:

  1. I’m annoyed because
  2. I’m exhausted because
  3. I wonder why
  4. I really wish