Movie Notes: Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield

I tried watching the documentary Generation Wealth on Prime because the subject is fascinating. But the filmmaker Lauren Greenfield is so aggressively untalented that the movie is impossible to watch. She skips around like a crazed monkey, constantly getting distracted from the topic of extreme wealth by the desire to discuss her excruciatingly boring life.

“So, extreme wealth, yeah, it’s extreme. And by the way, I went to Harvard. Some very nasty rich people went to Harvard, too. By the way, here’s a picture of the breast milk I pumped for my infant son when I traveled to China. And yes, there’s some extreme wealth in China but here’s my mom talking about my size and weight at birth. Oh, and talking about weight, I also made a movie about eating disorders once. And have I mentioned I went to Harvard? Here’s my ancient student ID. And here’s a totally inane conversation I had with my husband where all he said was, “Umm, what are you talking about?” And here are some of my cute family pictures. Oh, so extreme wealth, right? So extreme. By the way…”

I switched it off because the insane hopping around, coupled with the director’s deeply annoying voice that drips with self-pity and false wisdom, made the film impossible to watch. And then people ask why I think Michael Moore is a genius. He knows how to make documentaries that work. Everybody else I’ve seen recently is a bloody amateur.