Psychological Health Challenge, Day 2

Activity for tomorrow (it’s not a replacement but an addition to yesterday’s activity)

Any time today when you experience a pleasant sensation, really concentrate on it. Let’s say you are taking your first sip of morning coffee. Really feel it. Savor it. Concentrate on it completely.

That’s it. This is all you’ve got to do.

Of course, it’s a great idea to seek out pleasurable sensations today. Get a really high-quality piece of chocolate. Take a bath. Run your fingers along a piece of fabric you like to touch.

Who Wants Withdrawal

I have no position on the Syrian withdrawal, Turkey or the Kurds because I’m not familiar with the situation. But I find the endless exclamations about how nobody wants this withdrawal to be bizarre. Trump’s voters want it. He ran on the platform of ending US interventions abroad. His voters are ecstatic about this idea. He’s giving his voters what he promised. Is doing what the voters want so outdated that we don’t recognize it when it happens?

Again, I repeat that I’m in absolutely no position to debate whether voters are right to want this. That is not what I’m discussing at all.

Here’s an example:

OK, Kristol is a deranged hawk but I don’t follow him on Twitter. I only know about this because it’s endlessly liked on my social media. People think this is some nugget of wisdom but this is simply stupid. Watch a Trump rally and observe the reaction of the crowd when he talks about withdrawing troops. Or don’t watch if it’s too traumatizing (psychological health challenge!) but then abstain from opining.

As for what Putin wants, he wants what Elizabeth Warren is promising. Oh, how he wants it. As I explained at length long before she started promising it. So let’s leave aside the utterly fake interest in Putin and start answering the far more important question of why there is a single strongly non-interventionist candidate among Democrats and why she’s so vilified.