So I’ve been trying keto (on advice of my physician), and it’s not horrible. I thought it would be because I already did low-carb when I was pregnant with Klara. And I really suffered. What I didn’t take into consideration, though, that during pregnancy I had an extremely aggressive form of gestational diabetes, which made me crazy for sweets. And now I don’t have diabetes so I barely notice the absence of carbs.

This goes to show that our brains are less adapted to change than our bodies. The body moved on a long time ago while the brain still lives in the reality of 4 years ago.

The only problem with keto is how expensive it is. Of course, there are people who do it on canned sardines and bacon but that’s masochistic. If you do it right, it’s ruinous because seafood, olives, nuts, good cheese, and good oils are expensive. Carbs are junk so they are extremely cheap.

One thing I really miss is artificial sweetener. Coffee lost all meaning without it.

In any case, the point of the post is how impossible our brains find it to process change.