Google & FitBit

Hey, did you hear? Google is trying to buy FitBit. If you have one, now is a good time to smash it with a sledgehammer and bury the remains across state lines.

Not that it matters because Google will buy records of past use, too.

More Marketing

While the administration has evinced zero interest in my medal (and my research in general), the marketing department is on it like flies on honey. As well it should be because students are really interested in this kind of stuff.

The administration’s position is a prissy-lipped reminder that faculty who don’t do research already feel underappreciated and those of us who run around waving our research achievements should have gone to work at Harvard instead.

Thankfully, the current Dean is resigning to go help the cause of international wokesterism, so maybe things will change. I’m all for the director of marketing being appointed Dean.