The Mystery of Sociability

Why are kids so sociable? She spent all day at school playing with other kids. But every day after I pick her up, we need to drive to a playground or a park in search of more kids to play with. And as soon as we finally get home, she’ll start asking to go over to a friend’s house.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Sociability

  1. I think you got a very sociable specimen. My older son was just like that. And I have to admit, it was a torture to socialize with other moms for me being more of a loner. My second son was the opposite and I have to admit it was very convenient.


  2. Yeah. It’s a head-scratcher. My husband and I, plus our eldest, are hermits by nature– all we want is a good book and a few hours alone. Middle child is terrifyingly normal. He wants to play with other children! And he’s a wonderfully fun and imaginative and energetic kid, too. I take him to the playground as often as I can stand it, and he plays with the kids across the street, but it’s not enough. He drives his brother bonkers interrupting him while he’s reading, trying to get him to go play. He burst into tears the other night out of frustration because “we go to the playground and meet kids and play… and then I never SEE them again!” Clearly I am going to have to start setting up playdates. It’s so awkward having to try and chitchat with the other parents, though :/

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