Online Class Observation

I had to observe a colleague’s online course today. He’s a very experienced teacher, very talented, he’s trying very hard but oy. Oy yoy yoy. It all looks extremely painful. I’d rather eat my computer than torture myself like this.

People, come back to the classroom. Do yourselves a favor.

And by the way, in breakout rooms all of the students switch to English even when they see that the department Chair is there observing. In the classroom, you immediately hear and ask them to go back to Spanish. In breakout rooms, it’s impossible to control. So you are wasting yours and the students’ time with this “remote learning” crap.

4 thoughts on “Online Class Observation

  1. As part of some mandated from above rule everyone in my department had to be observed (and then do a self-critique with the observer).
    We both agreed the online format sucks and that it’s simply not possible to cover the same amount of material as in person (or nearly so well).
    I hate teams and everything about it so much… it makes me feel like a party to fraud (which I am) I don’t want to quit my job but this has me seriously considering it…


  2. Just from personal observation of people around me, everybody seems very happy to be working from home. I’m not in the education field, but I imagine the same is the case for many teachers. It would not surprise me they are pushing for online learning purely out of personal convenience.


      1. “It’s very very convenient.”

        For those who don’t care what kind of job they do…. talking at a screen full of icons…. convenient… what a bunch of…. (better censor myself).


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