Sick Bunnies

There are rumors of merging departments at my university as an austerity measure. I said, merge me with anybody except for the sociology and history folks if you want to avoid bloodshed on campus. Those are sick neoliberal bunnies, and they’ll either murder me in an attack of wokeness or commit an en masse harakiri because we just can’t coexist.

14 thoughts on “Sick Bunnies

  1. I find it interesting that this is your experience on your campus. At my university, I found that history was not a woke department at all, either among teachers or students.

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    1. Yesterday, the chair of history shared that students complain there’s too much CRT in their courses but “what can we do when our whole discipline is 100% CRT?” They say it completely openly and feel that it’s a great thing they are unfairly criticized for.

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      1. The only political thing I heard from the chair of our history department was complaints about how political correctness has gone too far lol

        May be worth noting that our history department has many immigrant professors.

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        1. That’s got to be it. During our diversity meeting yesterday, I only survived because I was exchanging private mocking messages with two other immigrant profs who were there.

          My department is a beacon of unwoke normalcy because everybody is well-traveled and worldly.

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          1. “At my university, I found that history was not a woke department at all, either among teachers or students.”

            Sociology was woker than woke before there was woke.

            But History’s senior professoriat has been a thorn in the side of the wokesters who now control the discipline in Canada. On the linked list below are the names of some big-name historians.


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              1. Absolutely, it does. By the way, the seeds of wokeness were already there in business schools 20 years ago. My sister was a marketing major at McGill in the early 2000s and kept complaining about the lack of substance and ridiculous leftist moaning in every class. I think that’s the reason she became staunchly conservative 20 years before I did. The left got on her nerves too much in the marketing program. Back then, honestly, I thought she was exaggerating. Now I know I was being very naïve and blind.


              2. “the seeds of wokeness were already there in business schools 20 years ago”

                And more…

                This 2005 (!) article makes the case that Business Schools lost the plot when they moved from trade education to seeking to claim a place among the academic social sciences.


                And, from the ‘I’m so woke that I’m not the slightest bit woke’ department…


                (Take that, you “reactionary pundit… arm waving critic of woke capitalism,” you!)

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              3. I’ve always, always said exactly this. I feel so vindicated. I absolutely insist that business isn’t and shouldn’t be an academic discipline. It’s ludicrous when people who haven’t started any businesses and haven’t made any money in business try to teach people who have started million-dollar businesses. My sister is now doing a MSc in marketing, and it’s all empty virtue signaling. She keeps battling with the professors. But they have nothing else to teach.


              4. “But they have nothing else to teach.”

                I suppose we might conclude that they teach what they know best – i.e. nothing.


    2. I had mostly the same experience at least in the beginning. When I first arrived of the roughly 20 people in the history department only 1 of them was woke-ish. Call it woke lite, and quite frankly he even told us in his class that although his class was listed as a history class, he considered it a literature class instead, which I always found quite odd. By the time I graduated somewhere between 25% and half the history department was leaning woke if not openly woke. These were new hires as the history department bled teachers via retirement. Almost all the new hires were woke or leaned that way. (Note it wasn’t called that at the time.)

      As for the students I’d say at the start it was split, 1/3 right, 1/3 left, 1/3 center. By the time I graduated I remember wondering if I was the only one who looked to the right as it seemed as if everyone else was either left leaning or full blown openly socialist.

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