Birthday Plans

For Klara’s birthday, I decided to organize a very small playdate with just a couple of kids at our place. I thought nobody would want to come at all because COVID, etc. But it turns out that everybody wants to come and the guest list is getting out of control. I hope that the parents, at least, realize that they shouldn’t stay. I’m fine with a bunch of kids running around but entertaining a group of moms at 10 am on a Saturday is my idea of a personal hell.

Maybe I should prepare mimosas (whatever they are) for just in case I need to get the moms soused.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Plans

  1. In my experience, people who have multiple kids and the attendee is not their oldert will plan to drop off the kid and leave. People who have one kid or the attendee is their oldest may be anxious and will want to stay (and annoy trhe hell out of host). I think you need to spell out (or clarify) in the invitations that parents are encouraged to stay, or that parents are encouraged to drop off kid and pick up at such and such time. Or else, prepare for an unspecified number of mimosas! (I always hate the folks who stay so I have to feed and entertain the grownups, too).

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