Soldier of Jihad

My husband is the cutest. Yesterday as I was packing for my sad trip, he gave the following speech:

“Arestovich says [these days we don’t start any sentence without referencing Arestovich first] that there are different ways of being a soldier of jihad. You can strap explosives to your vest and go blow up somebody. But if you can’t do that, there are other ways to wage jihad. You can do ideological propaganda. Or even just have pro-jihad thoughts that you conceal from everybody. And that, too, makes you a soldier of jihad. I’m not good with offering emotional support, so I decided to support you in other ways. For your flight tomorrow, I got you first-class airplane tickets.”

Absolutely everything he ever communicates is delivered in this form. I literally never know what will come out of his mouth at any time because he has such a different way of thinking from me. It’s endlessly fascinating.

I’m in the Admiral’s Club lounge right now, enjoying the gift from the jihad.

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