Following Orders

Vladimir Putin has become so personally involved in the Ukraine war that he is making operational and tactical decisions “at the level of a colonel or brigadier”, according to western military sources. The Russian president is helping determine the movement of forces in the Donbas, they added, where last week the invaders suffered a bloody defeat as they tried on multiple occasions to cross a strategic river in the east of Ukraine.

The Guardian, May 16, 2022

That would explain a lot. The fellow is notoriously dumb. This was a very bloody weekend for the Russians. We are all wondering what makes the Russian soldiers attempt to, for example, cross a river in the exact same spot where they have been destroyed a dozen times in a row. Apparently, they are just following orders from some elderly dude with zero knowledge of military strategy. They look like total lemmings. It’s a crazy thing to watch.


4 thoughts on “Following Orders

  1. We are on the map!

    “Israel has begun work to double gas production. The entire surplus is 20 billion cubic meters. per year – will go to Europe, instead of Russian gas.”

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