5 thoughts on “Pot and Kettle

  1. Is that Hamlin thing a Q product? It has that vibe to it.

    I’m gonna start a new conspiracy theory: both the “men can have babies” and the “Damar Hamlin is dead and they’re hiding it” are coming from the same conspiracy factory: a small, dingy office deep in the bowels of a CIA building. They’ve got three guys working on “what crazy shite will the lefties eat up?” and three guys on the other side of the cubicle wall working to one-up them with “what crazy shite will the righties eat up?” Team left releases theirs via midwit college profs who are happy to have someone ghostwrite for them so they can stay published. Team right releases theirs via Q-drops. They have a scoreboard in the break room, to see who can get more traction in internet-land.


    1. Well, maybe Hamlin died while giving birth. This would gleefully bring both groups of crazies together.

      Curiously, I have a dear friend who believes in the Hamlin conspiracy and another dear friend who believes in women with penises. I’m nothing if not tolerant.

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  2. “… the same people who believe that men can give birth …”

    Taking bets on the name of the first ersatz woman with full “birthing capabilities” created as a manufactured product by the cult of extreme body modification going absolutely nuts (pun intended) with the male body?

    Jezebel is too obvious.

    What about Delilah?

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    1. @Post Alley Crackpot
      “Taking bets on the name of the first ersatz woman with full “birthing capabilities””

      No, it will be something more like Linda or Jenny. They need something folksy and conventional, not exotic and memorable. It’s all about normalisation, you see.


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