The Best Students. . .

. . . are also the most politically active ones. Today, most of the successful responsible students in my classes have pins proving that they voted in the primaries. And the more. . . erm, relaxed students had no idea there were going to be any presidential elections this year.

P.S. Students are writing tests in all of my courses today, hence the abundance of posts.

P.P.S. Why is it always the worst students who get mortally sick two hours before the midterm?


6 thoughts on “The Best Students. . .”

  1. I’ve noticed that locally as well. The best students, the supposedly nerdiest ones are the ones who end up running for president of the local student society.


    1. I was passing through the student center the other day and a bunch of students who are running for Student senate treasurer position were delivering their election platform. This was a group of the nerdiest guys in the universe. If I were 20 years old, I’d totally fall in love with all of them.


    1. I was a straight A student both as an undergrad and in both of my grad schools. And I never missed a test. Handed in 1 assignment late and still feel ashamed of messing that up. 🙂

      Good students always come to exams and their grandmas are surprisingly healthy. Bad students’ grandmas start dropping off like flies during the midterms and finals.


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