I now kind of wish I stayed isolated from the news. Berlusconi is back in full swing and is sabotaging yet another trial for sex-trafficking in minor children to get elected?

What’s up with Italy? Is there such a shortage of politicians that even Berlusconi looks attractive? The guy has made himself the laughing stock of world politics many times over. I don’t think I have any Italian readers but if they exist, could they explain why BerlusconiĀ just never seems to go away? Is there some hidden charm to this guy that we are not seeing?

5 thoughts on “Berlusconi”

  1. I hope Berlusconi is not involved in the Europe-wide paedophile ring from among those with power and influence. There is a nasty story that should come out that includes former head of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice Joris Demmink ( and potentially many others (

    What goes on with the certain members of the elite is murkier than any decent person could possibly imagine.


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