Life was proceeding very peacefully. And then I discovered mulberry preserves from Armenia.

There are big, plump mulberries in the jar. They taste phenomenal over tvorog.

I need to leave for a meeting but I can’t tear myself away from this magical jar.

Girl Scouts Rock

I thought Girl Scouts was a silly organization dedicated to fostering forced sociability and thinly disguised athletics, but now it seems like it’s a really cool club:

What I’ve learned over the last year tells me that the Girl Scouts organization has taken a very liberal feminist and pro-homosexual turn, and more disturbing, a sharp turn away from acknowledging God.

How cool is that? But wait, there is more:

At the 2008 Girl Scout National Council Session and Convention. . . the traditional flag ceremony was trashed, as was the playing of our National Anthem.  Flags of all nations were brought in bunched together to Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire tunes.

Wow! Very enlightened.

In grades 11 and 12, the curriculum is called “Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy.”  The most disturbing part is that at the bottom of each page is a “Voice for Good”  featuring women meant to be role models for the girls to follow.

Among these role models are Simone de Beauvoir and Bettie Friedan (whom the weird author of the article calls “Friedman.” This same weirdo then misspells the name of Audrey Lorde.)

But the best news of the article comes right at the end:

For this mom, it was an easy decision.  Girl Scouts simply isn’t the organization it once was, and it’s not compatible with my Catholic faith any longer.  Yeah, I know. I´ll miss the cookies a lot.  I´ve been known to eat an entire box of Thin Mints in one sitting, but not anymore.  My faith is more important.  My loyalty to Christ and His Church is more important, and my daughters´ hearts and minds are definitely more important.

This is really good to know. If all grievously uneducated bigots with horrible spelling skills remove themselves from any given organization, that organization has a chance to shine. And that is wonderful.

More Top Chef

If Kristen can’t win, I wouldn’t mind Stefan winning. He is an asshole, but at least he has an identity in place. That’s much better than the “no-personality Sheldon” (who is so vapid that I had to look up bis name after watching almost the entire season) or the mumbly Brooke who can’t utter a sentence without mentioning her husband. Or the “country boy Josh”. There is always the “funny accent Lizzie” but she is both female and foreign, and I don’t see that happening.

Let’s make bets! Who do you think will win?