Feminism in Iran

Did you, folks, see what women in Iran are doing? The feminist protests? That’s what real feminism is about, and it’s so beautiful and inspiring to see the photos of women from the protests.

I hope that the courage and the dignity of Iranian women will inspire people around here to remember what feminism is supposed to be about. And maybe they will finally realize that publishing stories about how “I became his girlfriend because I thought he’d help my career but he didn’t, so I now realize he harassed me*” is not about feminism.

* This is from the Concordia scandal.

Neoliberal Therapy

There is this kind of therapy that urges people to make an effort to forget (they call it move past or let go of) everything and especially everybody that wounded them in life. And this is supposed to bring relief.

Basically, the social is privatized in this therapy and an individual is told to assume the psychological costs of everything. The idea is that if you can’t make an effort to make yourself more agreeable, then it’s your fault that you are unhappy. This form of “therapy” doesn’t recognize the existence of any factors but the free will of freely choosing neoliberal subjects who exist in a total social vacuum.

The problem with all this that the free market individual who can choose to let go to increase his productivity is an ideological construct. It’s a fantasy. Real people don’t function like that at all.