Wedding Etiquette

Folks, how normal is it to invite people to your wedding through Facebook invites? The wedding in question is overseas, and I don’t mean Canada. I mean the kind of overseas I’ve never been to. The wedding will be a big fancy affair in December. The bride and groom are not eloping kids but serious folks in their thirties. Am I being a stuffy old fusspot to feel that it’s bizarre to get invited through FB?

I was excited to go (I knew I’d be invited, I’m a relative). But I don’t feel like responding to FB invites. FB invites are for local bake sales and pottery classes.

Maybe they are still planning to send out real invitations. In the meantime, I’ll sit here with the FB invite sticking in my craw.


No, this is not my beautiful fat baby I’m holding. Unfortunately. But what a great photo.

It was a very good party. Klara stunned everybody by making complex statements like “I’m having cake at my birthday party at the gym.” Plus, there were two actual babies there, so she was overjoyed.

A Real Russian

There are no Russian-speakers in our small town but yesterday we came across a Russian woman who comes over from St Louis to help out at the accountant’s office during tax season.

“Oh, you are Russian!” she exclaimed. And proceeded to talk, in a very excited manner about medals and wins.

“And then did you see what happened yesterday?” she chattered. “I thought those guys would totally win but no, we still have a chance there.”

N and I stared in mute incomprehension.

Finally, I dredged something from the recesses of my memory.

“Oh, it’s the Olympics you are talking about!” I said.

“The what?” N asked.

The woman looked deeply wounded.

“Yes, the Olympics,” she said. “Don’t tell me you aren’t following it. What part of Russia are you, anyway?”

We hurried out of there before she it started to dawn on her that there is a big link between having no interest in the Olympics and a dislike of Putin.

Marginal Benefits

N lost 40 lbs. No deprivation, diet, or struggle. This is a side effect (which he didn’t even seek) of his analysis. A healthy mind demands a healthy body.

I never thought I’d see him not end the day with a pint of ice-cream. And hey, his dad died at 56 of gastrointestinal troubles. So I’m beyond happy about this development. He also gave up gaming completely, gave away his humidor, and enjoys going to the gym. Again, no effort at self-control and no struggle. It just happened.

Nothing works (not just for weight but for anything) until the mind gets healthy.