Banana Advice

I’m baffled by this FB advice:

Never struggle peeling a banana again with this simple tip: turn it upside down! If you watch chimps peeling bananas, you’ll notice they start from the bottom.

Does anybody truly struggle peeling a banana?? More importantly, who on Earth tries to peel it from the top? That’s so weird.

8 thoughts on “Banana Advice

  1. I have no idea what the top of a banana is. I peel from the stem end. I have had people tell me that I am peeling from the wrong end.

    On those rare occasions that I have difficulty peeling a banana, I cut a slit across the grain near the end of the stem, about halfway through the stem. Then it is easy to peel.

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  2. It has never crossed my mind to peel a banana from the bottom. But I eat a banana almost daily and have never struggled with peeling it. But now I will try a bottom peel!


  3. Did they call it a ‘life hack’ perchance? Hate that term. Everything’s a life hack these days.

    ‘Our latest life hack: The optimal way to tie your shoes!’


  4. The articles and YouTube videos on this subject all say, “Eat bananas like monkeys do!”

    Fake news! The truth is — WILD MONKEYS DON’T EAT BANANAS AT ALL! Edible bananas are a man-made, cultivated fruit that doesn’t grow wild anywhere on earth. So monkeys won’t find any to eat, unless the monkeys are in a zoo or other populated area where they can steal the fruit from humans.


  5. My Romanian friends all peel their bananas from the bottom end (ie not the stem end) and were surprised that we do not. So, yes, some people do peel them from the other end 😉


      1. “Why would anybody peel them from the stem?”

        How do you peel it from the bottom? I’d have to use a knife to cut the peel before peeling it back.


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